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Studying abroad is very expensive but wonderful. My first experience studying ESL abroad was in University of California, USA. In a month, I made a lot of foreigner friends and experience the learning atmosphere there. No one forced me to study when I stayed there. This time, I came to the Philippines to study English and it only cost me half compare to USA. The biggest difference is that CIA language school provides 9 classes every day, including 4 one-on-one classes. There are only few Taiwanese students, so I have to communicate with others in English. I speak English all day long, even while sleeping. It’s quit impossible getting no improvement in English. 

During weekends, we should travel around and see the true feature of the Philippines which consist of more than 7000 islands. There are beautiful islands, clear sea water, and fabulous marine environment; I feel like I am in heaven. I can never forget those beautiful places I have been to. Everyone should grab the chance to visit this country.
A perfect journey is enjoying experiences you’ve never had before and seeing this world in different perspective. You can achieve your goal in learning English with a happy life. Come! Invaluable Philippines is waiting for you.